Total Value Locked

How does jGLP work?
Deposited tokens will be used to mint GLP. Our vault then borrows USDC from the jUSDC vault within specific risk parameters, and uses targeted leverage ranges to expand the yield potential of jGLP. Users gain access to amplified yield.
Earn Additional Rewards with jGLP

jGLP can be used to provide liquidity on the Jones DAO platform and throughout the Arbitrum ecosystem. Be sure to use your jGLP to earn additional yield in our Staking dashboard.

Through our partners at Camelot, depositors will be able to LP jGLP - USDC to further improve their yield.


The indicative ROI/APY is not guaranteed and is subject to market risk. The strategies are not risk-free, and some epochs may result in a negative return. Details and protocol incentives can be found in our docs.

While the information contained within the Website is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in the website is correct, complete, and current.